Counseling Testimonials

Counseling Testimonials

Justice for Dimitri

While attending Lisa’s Christian grief counseling three years after my son’s death, I learned there is no formula or time line to grieve. No one can put a length of time on when you should get over a loss of a loved one and she helped me to focus on and bring forth something positive from the life Dimitri lived and the legacy he left behind; his children: who are too young to understand the pain they are feeling and how to channel the hurt. Recently Lisa facilitated an art therapy session with my grandchildren and for the first time, they were able to openly discuss their feelings in a way that we recognized she reached a place that no on else has. For that reason, it has been decided to continue therapy with Lisa to help deal with their loss and as they grow, to teach them how to come to terms with their pain. We all have or will experience a loss in our lifetime and may feel there’s no coping with the loss alone. If and when that time comes, I recommend counselling with Lisa, a woman of God and whom I consider a vessel being used by the Holy Spirit.

Della Hendon


I was battling with some tough things in my life and didn’t know which way to turn. I requested to have a session with Ms. Dixon and she allowed the Holy Spirit to work. Instantly I was given the answer to my problems it felt as if a burden was lifted. She told me what I was suffering from and how to move pass it. Every time I call for an appointment Ms. Dixon is always available. She is truly a women of God. I will definitely highly recommend you to see her today to help find your way through life. Ms. Lisa thank you for being here for when I felt like giving up.

Inise Trotter

Love Learning Through God

Before I had Christian counseling with Mrs. Lisa I struggled with finding my faith and standing on God words. Through my transition I learned how to stand on my faith,true God word and apply all of him in my life first. My journey has not all been easy but it’s a lot better. Mrs. Lisa has been a true blessings from God with all her prayers,wisdom and faithfulness. I can honestly say that I have been to several types of counseling but none who has helped me the way that she has. Thanks for all your prayers and continue to lead God’s assignment and watch him work.

Trace Corprew-Hawk


I feel so blessed to have met a sweet, amazing, and anointed WOMEN OF GOD. When I attended my first session, My spirit was heavy when I walked in. I wasn’t aware that I was being tormented by the enemy for so long until I sat and talked with Mrs. Lisa . She took me in the PRAYER room and we prayed and I released all things to God and when I left my session, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. She gave me homework to do and I am putting in the work and as each day goes by I am just thankful. She has blessed me with words of wisdom, scripture, ways to bring my family closer, a budget plan, books, etc. I look forward to my spiritual growth. I enjoy my sessions!! I’m not looking back I’m moving ahead. I’m grateful for her and her wisdom.

Tamesha Trotter

Finally at peace and learning how to deal with grief

A year ago in Oct 2014 I divorced my husband and 5wks later I lost my mommy to cancer. I was so angry and bitter I was pushing my friends and family away and didn’t even realize it. I got to the point that I was so depressed and wanted to end my life at that point I knew I needed help. So I went to see Mrs Dixon, at my 1st visit she could see the pain and hurt I was suffering from I was like a shivered up flower and I was slowly dieing. After a few visit I started to feel a lot better and her prayers and words of encouragement pushed me to not give up and not let the enemy win. I can honestly say I am glad I went to see her because now I am very happy and able to deal with my mom’s death a little better, I have forgiven my ex and moved on and I am finally at peace in my life.. Thank you so Much Mrs. Dixon for everything you did for me you are truly a blessing.

Deidra Keyes

Barnhill Family

Wow… I don’t know where to start!!!! God knows I thought I had lost my mind. I didn’t know how to live!!! I mean I was alive but nothing felt the same, the air didn’t feel the same, the sun didn’t shine the same I wanted to give up & I was giving up. I reached out for help & when I tell you that my life is Great, if it wasn’t for Sister Lisa & her Husband I would have given up. They brought me to God, they reminded me that He’s always been there!!! They were genuine & the love over flowed!!! They helped us to understand that after a loved one TRANSITIONS that you celebrate their life after life!!! Mama was ready & I now can accept Gods will because through it all I learned how to trust Him more!!! The entire experience has been amazing from the sessions to the activities. Every time I left feeling feed & stronger!!! I advise anyone, that’s struggling with the passing of a loved one to reach out to this for help. This Bereavement Group is awesome & I thank the Bishop & First Lady for this opportunity. Lord knows I wouldn’t have made it without this help!!!! Thankful thankful thankful

Lynita Barnhill

Truly Blessed my family

Mrs. Lisa helped our family understand loss is a universal human condition occurring throughout life and it comes in multiple forms. She told us No one is immune, yet at the time of our loss we were unsure what to do or how to help ourselves. A friend of ours referred Lisa to us and it has been the best thing for our family in our healing process. She listened with her heart without trying to “fix” our pain at that moment, but to show us how to seek God for our healing. She understood our need to tell our story of our loss more times than the people in our life wanted to hear it. She encouraged us to talk about dreams related to our loss and it was helpful to talk about them. She used a variety of methods to explore thoughts and feelings. Drawing, music, poetry, journaling, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques are just a few ways she helped us through our grief process. The Evans family would highly recommend Mrs. Lisa to anyone needing grief healing with no limits. .

Karen Evans