About Lisa Dixon

About Lisa Dixon

Lisa Dixon

I provide practical advice and encouragement in my journey in living and activating the word of God” Hebrews 4:12

Lisa Dixon began writing her daily devotional Lisa’s Inspiration to offer daily encouragement to others near and far. What began as a single dream to be a writer grew into Lisa’s Inspirations. Lisa is among an elite group of women that provide daily inspirations in America, and is one of an even smaller number that have continually inspire many.

Lisa’s vision to serve, inspire and give has been recognize multiple times she received an Executive Leader Certification from The Graduate School, Outstanding Community Service Award from The Dress for Success of Hampton Roads, Volunteer of the Year from The Mount, Chesapeake, VA, Received the pursuit of Excellence Award from K.W. Brown International Ministries, Blacks In Government Prestigious member Award for Outstanding Contributions to Region III and setting the standards for Excellence.

Lisa Dixon commitment to excellence is rooted in the belief that we give to get, to give again, and that success can only be realized when you have a great product, great people on your team and a purpose greater than yourself.

In 2014, Lisa authorized Lisa’s Inspirations and A Brother’s Love revealing look at the inner workings of her life while building inspiration for others.

Today, she is a highly sought after for encouragement and inspirational speaker to audience for women at shelters and women empowerment groups of various diversities.